Friends of the River Mimram - protect this rare chalk stream

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Simon Cocks, CEO

Tamblin Way,

Hatfield, AL10 9EZ

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www.they - who does what

Elizabeth Truss, Secretary of State DEFRA

Nobel House, 17 Smith Square,

London, SW1 3JR

Affinity Water, OFWAT, Environment Agency

Ofwat - approve the Water Management Plan

EA - approve the Mimram Business Plan

Who to contact

Ministers & MPs

-Support & approve the plan for the Mimram

Jonson Cox, Chairman,  

Centre City Tower,

7 Hill Street, Birmingham

B5 4UA

Ian Barker, National Director,

Horizon House,

Deanery Road, Bristol,  BS1 5AH

Rory Stewart,  Parliamentary Under Secretary for Natural Environment,

DEFRA,   Nobel House, 17 Smith Square,

London, SW1 3JR

Affinity Water


Environment Agency