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Helping the River Mimram to get SSSI status

A team of volunteers have been doing this survey for over a year now. The point is to survey the creatures living on the river bed and build up a picture of just how clean and pristine the river is.  These creatures and dozens of others like them are indicative of unpolluted water, and hopefully there are sufficient numbers and species to make the river Mimram worthy of protection as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

To find out if it is, we have to fill in the gaps in our current knowledge of its invertebrate fauna - that is what those creatures are – invertebrates: mayflies, caddis flies, stone flies etc , collectively known as RIVERFLIES. The project will require volunteers to be trained to use controlled sampling methods (kick sampling), to identify the riverflies and other invertebrates they collect, and determine an index that quantifies how clean the river is.

If you would like to get involved, and take part in the training please contact us.

To get SSSI status we need to prove and maintain the Mimram’s quality and wildlife. Part of this is regularly surveying the River Flies. Will you help?