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“Fifty years ago we used to go for picnics by the Mimram just a short walk from where the farm used to be, in Digswell. We also used to swim in the river and play for hours at the waterfall near the Deaf and Dumb school. We used to see quite a few fish, including trout and once, when I was standing on the bridge at the farm, I saw a pike. My friends and I found a Mallard's nest, only a few yards from the waterfall, with fifteen eggs in it. But we never touched birds nest; we just used to look in them and then leave them alone. We had years of happy times playing on or by the river, and no one used to bother us because we respected the wildlife and farm animals.”

“I lived in The Maidenhead Pub in Whitwell as a child in the fifties, and paddled in the Mimram, catching (and putting them back) newts and frogs and small fish. The water was crystal clear, this was very near where the watercress beds were.”