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This historic country park was given over to gravel abstraction on the condition it was returned as a country park with public access.  But not yet.

The picture opposite was the famous landscape designer Repton’s view of how the house and grounds should be developed. The Mimram flows through the park

Sadly the old house is no more. The Orangerie in disrepair and the middle photo shows the current view of Repton’s dream. The 600 year old oak is hidden from view.

Tarmac Lafarge were given planning permission in the early 80s to extract gravel and then the land opened as a country park for public access by 2000. It should make a glorious opportunity to enjoy the Mimram. But it hasn’t all been opened yet.

Where are we now?

Gravel extraction ran late so there is still three more years of work. However, Lafarge have done a lot of work to restore the Mimram (bottom photo).

Lafarge have now appointed a third set of consultants to develop an overall strategy for the Park, and we are all still waiting for their response. However 200 acres have been opened up in April 2014 with more walks, paths, information boards. Car park is off Thieves Lane. More including the Great Oak has been opened in August 2015. The aim is that the remaining acres should be opened to the public as soon as possible.

We will keep you up to date with progress or contact Friends of Panshanger Park.. Their leaflet is attached.