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To show politicians how important Chalk Streams like the Mimram are to their communities, we want to collect memories and photos of the river from a few years ago.

And it will also make an interesting record in its own right.

So if you would be happy sharing fond memories or old family photos with us, please get in touch and leave us a message >>>>>>

Welwyn village is where it is sited today, because it was a suitable ford across the Mimram.

Nine Wells Farm watercress beds have been worked there for generations.

There were several mills down the river from the Domesday Book onwards

And Repton buiilt his garden design for Panshanger around the river.

More recently we have heard tales of fishing, swimming and boating down the river. The Welwyn Funday tug-of-war used to be across the Drain at Singlers marsh, and since it was full of water - the losers got wet.

So it would be great to create that record. Read people’s memories here