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Mimram Catchment Management Plan

Aim: to improve the river’s flow, ecology and wildlife to meet EU Water Framework Directive guidelines

Lobbying for public access at Panshanger Country Park. Cutting down trees and foliage along the Mimram at Singlers Marsh to improve light into the river to encourage wildlife and make the river visible from Codicote Road. At Digswell, clearing the weeds, removing a weir and creating staging to give more access.

Improving access to the Mimram and wildlife habitats

Duck race at Welwyn

Can we achieve SSSI status for the Mimram? Or higher? We need to monitor the river bugs to prove the quality of the river . And monitor the presence of mink & invasive plants. Learn more >>>

Protecting the River

See the Plan. www.beaneandmimram

Mayor Helen Bromley at the launch with Friends of the Mimram