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1.We must leave more water in the environment.

We plan to reduce abstraction volumes by 42 million litres a day including closing Fulling Mill pumping station and reducing volumes taken from Digswell. This amounts to 5% of total supply.


2.We must use water more efficiently

 We will cut leakage by 14% by 2020


3. To encourage customers to use water more efficiently

Despite increasing households and the highest per capita use of water in the country, we will encourage more careful use by water efficiency education programmes and universal metering.


4. We will maintain high quality water

We will continue the lead pipe replacement programme and work with farmers to reduce the impact of pesticides.


5. Value for money  

Average household bills will decrease by 0.7% each year, before inflation from 2015 -2020

6. Investment

We will increase investment to more than £500 million over the five years to provide infrastructure for the future

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Affinity Water 2015-20 Plan key points

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